If people weren’t constantly changing,

then we would have all the time in the world.

But they are.


One day you might be you, and the next you might be someone else.

I live in fear

thinking that one day I might see you

and not see you.

That I might notice the shell of the person I used to know

but miss the connection we once shared.


So let’s not wait until we’re two different people,

and make this moment

that you’re you,

and I’m me,



What Justifies Our Realness?

Mine are the ears that can hear your words crackle like fresh pepper as you speak your wisdom through lies.

What is your motivation?

How many replicated false prophets need to strip themselves from the core of your prophecies and tell the truths you never wanted before you decide that upon the foundation of our generation is the culmination of spoken and unspoken mediocrities.

I’d expect you to walk on all fours in your voyage for nothing, but instead you insist that illumination begins with unnaturalness and so you walk on two hands.

We are turning in a gyre of black thoughts, looking left and right and left again, never noticing we are the abyss because our goal is to never see anything.

What do you want for us?

Ignorance is not the lack of knowledge but the pursuit of reality.

rooney-web1Inspired by Aldo Tambellini’s “We Are the Primitives of a New Era”