Dead-ended Tunnels


no matter how deep you dig into me,

you won’t get to her.

but each time you try,

and each time you apologize.



no amount of your “sorry’s” could ever fill the emptiness you plowed inside of me.






I never had dreams before you.

And then I only dreamt when things went bad between us. Waking up without you, feeling very acutely that I was alone.

When I think of us, it doesn’t hurt like it’s supposed to. It just aches. Because I know that whatever we had, what once felt so special, now, means nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever think of me. If you ever look at that bed we used to share and miss us in it. But then, I think I already know the answer, because I rarely do myself.

I just don’t understand. I thought you were my first love—in those moments, you used to say to me, no one could ever love you as much as I do, and I believed you.

So then, why, when I think of you, do I feel such apathy?

It doesn’t suit the love I thought we had.

Sensory Deprivation

just because his skin is warm honey

does not mean it will taste as sweet.


that was the mistake i made,

when my nose was too close to the

rose petals of his hair,

the smell, deep, pungent,

masking the scent of faded smiles

wafting from the onyx of his eyes.


our interactions,

hues of greys and reds,

blinded me to the silence,

that absence of sound that

sewed my ears shut

whenever i entered

the wordless realm

of his mouth.


what i could not hear,

i chose not to see,

and so i let myself float

in his chamber,

ears clogged,

eyes shut,

mouth sealed,

body vacant of

the color of my being.

a whitening,

which left me empty

and cold in a pit

of nothing,

waiting to stop waiting on

my own awakening,

ready to come back to myself.



hear no evil

the hurt.

it lasts in a strange way.

not always present,

you think you’ve healed.

but it shows up in the form of something else.

for example:

your insecurity.

how it can mold itself

into the crack of every little thing you question about yourself.

your self-hate.

how you subconsciously link it back to the thing you let hurt you.

your sadness.

your lust.

your greed.

your selfishness.

your paranoia.

your inability to be unapologetically you,

because you always find yourself thinking back to those moments she told you

why you weren’t right, and you believed her.