Oh, i can’t stop my skin from falling,

I can’t help but let my eyes sink in

Darling, we were never so enthralling—

Let the darkness close on in


If you can see the battles won

In the eyes of the ones you’ve lost

then the road ahead for all of us

Is covered in tracks of dust


There’s no revolution in the arms of the dead

It’s the living that keep on living

Searching for things that may

Looking into the eyes of the livid

And thrashing as they fade away


There’s no hope for the restless

When rest is the only answer

But momma I have a fear of falling

So my weakness has sprouted faster


No glowing golden wings to stop my plight

God created god and we’re left to ask, why?


I have so many questions

But I’m so afraid to fear

So I close my eyes to blind myself

and hope the end is near


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