Omission by Default

There’s this person that pops up on my feed occasionally. I haven’t seen him in real life in months, but when I catch his stupid face, adorned with low-quality filters and that high-quality smile I used to know so well, on my screen, it perplexes me as to how the distance between us could stretch so long in such a short period of time.

I start to remember strange things, like how his hands were never cold. How he’d shove an imaginary bottle of Haterade in my face whenever I cracked a joke. Or, how he used to make me want to both maul and kiss him at the same time.

If I saw him in the real world, I wonder if my feelings on this boy would still be somewhat stagnant; that semi-indifferent regard, that glass veil that shields me from fully feeling.

Then I simply ask myself why I haven’t unfollowed him yet.


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