The Hardest Things to Say

How do you tell your parents that you don’t agree with the beliefs by which they so proudly raised you?

How do you tell your teachers the curriculum is biased and one-sided?

How do you tell your friend that their “funny” comment was insulting?

How do you tell your significant other you feel alone?

How do you say these things that weigh so heavily on your heart without destroying the life that has been building around you since birth?

You don’t want to rock the boat. Life is most enjoyable when lived peacefully. And yet, if these things are on your mind, sooner or later, they have to come out. Just because you keep your mouth and your mind on a tight leash does not mean the link won’t eventually snap—it will. That’s when things have gone too far—when you’ve stayed quiet for too long with no means of release. You think the bitterness is gone, washed from your mind over the course of time. But, these kinds of feelings can’t just disappear. They fester and grow, latching to the parts of your mind left untouched by hate and unhappiness, cluttering the things you loved most about life with their unwelcome embrace.

It’s hard to create conflict in your life, especially when it is done on purpose. But, sometimes, things just need to be said. And it’s not worth feeling bad when you are the catalyst for change.

Reality rises and falls around you like an ocean current; never ending, a constant push and pull that slowly reels you out into open waters, alone, scared, lost—free. Everyone else is drifting in their own oceans, their currents brushing against yours as they try just as hard to stay afloat. Some are born with the privilege of a raft, or a boat, or a small island to hold them above the current. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t feel the slap of the waves against every now and then, either.

Within the just parameters, it’s a good thing to be the catalyst. Say those things which are most defiant on leaving your mouth; they’re the most important words you’ll speak in your life.


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